Apothecarry’s new 4-strain cannabis storage case turning smokers into connoisseurs

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Just in time for Holiday season wish lists, Apothecarry’s drool-worthy cannabis storage case hits pre-sale on Indigogo (http://igg.me/at/apothecarry) with its long-awaited signature offering, the Apothecarry Case.

The case, the first to feature both high-end humidity strain storage and tool storage, includes 4 airtight humidity strain jars, 4 silicone dab jars, a 3 chamber zinc alloy grinder, stainless steel dab stick, removable storage nook, straps for holding oil canisters upright and space to store pipes, vapes or oil pens -- all in a gorgeous odor-blocking case that looks good on any mantle. Plus parents, pet owners, and people with cheap roommates will rejoice at the dual key and combination lock. Powered by Boveda humidity packs, the beautiful glass airtight strain jars make organization easy with re-writable labels.


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