At a Cinema in Paris

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I was confused, but apparently, I was in an MK2 cinema but there really is another one across the Bassin de La Villette in Paris.

This was my 19th wedding anniversary and my Parisian spouse didn't say a word, but I did get this movie, although at 10h30 in the morning, as it was cheaper then and he had to work this evening. He couldn't get discount tickets via his job per usual. He was stubborn about paying for the parking and we got a ticket for 17 euros.

We saw BLUE JASMINE by Woody Allen and we both liked it. We went to a health food store we like on Avenue Flandre I think it is called, and I was able to get hemp oil and horse milk. I had a lunch all ready in Saint-Denis where we live so we just ate later than usual. He doesn't love me anymore but I still love him, and I don't have a bad life. Overall. He's Parisian and I am American-born.

Three adults right behind us were talking and I said quiet, please, and one lady said, "It's just ads playing," and I said, I don't care, they run for 20 minutes and I want you quiet! Really, they could have stepped outside. I shut them up.

The movie is about the destruction done to a wife and how traumatized she was when her world fell apart. I found it very sad as I am in my third marriage, this time in a foreign country no less.

I am glad I got to see this movie before it closed in Paris, and as you can see, this canal/basin is very pretty and actively used for barges, houseboats, yachts, kayaks and skulling. There is an extensive canal system in France, mostly put in by Napoléon. A lot of it is still actively used and there is even a shuttle and "boat bus" system on the canals in Paris.

Most Paris cinemas will sell some light beer if you really want it, and many are set up with quite extensive concessions where you can get stuff and spend a lot, but I also go to revival houses where you subscribe and get a freebie sometimes, and also cinemathèques which run specialty things and movies with original language and French substitles.

This cinema is called QUAI DE LA SEINE, MK2. There seems to be another MK2 across the basin.

A bittersweet wedding anniversary and a good movie in Paris, life is not a total loss.

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