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Nate Diaz is under investigation for violating the UFC Anti-Doping policy. The substance is not in question though because Nate was pretty open about it. In fact, Nate was smoking at the post-fight press conference, and it was not cigarettes.

Nate Diaz is under investigation for violating the UFC Anti-Doping policy. The substance is not in question though because Nate was pretty open about it. In fact, Nate was smoking at the post-fight press conference, and it was not cigarettes.

Combine your favorite stone fruit like peaches, plums and apricots with PRØHBTD-recipe Toasted Coconut Oil, and turn the humble crumble into one of the tastiest elevated desserts. EQUIPMENT: Two Large Glass Bowls Casserole Dish Cutting Knife Cutting Board INGREDIENTS: 1 LB of Stone Fruit 50 Grams of Flour 10 Grams of brown sugar 50 Grams of cold Toasted Coconut Oil 2 Tablespoons of Toasted Coconut Oil The zest and juice of One Lemon Salt Butter Preheat the oven to 350 F and leave 50 grams of Toasted Coconut Oil in the refrigerator until cold. Cut the fruit into small pieces and remove the pits, and then place the fruit into a large bowl. Any type of stone fruit will work, though cooking times might vary (plums take longer, for example). Add 2 tablespoons of liquid Toasted Coconut Oil, combine it with the fruit. Juice the lemon and grate the peel for zest. Add the lemon zest, followed by the juice of the lemon. Add a pinch of salt to bring out the flavors. Mix everything together until the fruit is evenly coated. In a separate bowl, start the crumble with 50 grams of flour, and add 50 grams of cold Toasted Coconut Oil. (The oil must be cold for the recipe to work.) Mix together with your hands creating little pieces to make the crumble. Prepare the casserole dish by buttering the sides. Add the fruit to the dish and spread it out evenly. Top the fruit with an even layer of crumble, and then sprinkle brown sugar over the crumble. Bake in the oven at 350 F for 40 to 45 minutes. When the Stone Fruit Crumble turns brown and bubbly, it is ready to eat.

The gram oil joint from customgrow420:

Tommy Chong helped invent the stoner comedy and inspire the pop culturalization of cannabis, yet the Grammy-winning actor and comedian later became a drug war POW for merely selling glass bongs. With this type of rep, the icon scored an immediate hit when he launched his new product line, Chong's Choice, and who better to test the goods than comedian Aristotle Georgeson, a.k.a. Young Trash Lord. In this PRØHBTD Stash installment, it doesn't take a behind-the-scenes documentary to guess that Aristotle didn't wait for the cameras to start sampling, making this episode as hilarious as it is informative.

Looking for my Cannabutter recipe guide instead? Here it is: Cannatea, Weed .\r
The Weed Mercenary Presents.. RECIPES OUT DA STASH A new video series with special host OREGANO JOE that will teach us various recipes that all .\r
For those who are Cannabis Edible curious and looking for a simple, inexpensive way to try ingesting the herb, this Cannabis Tea Recipe is an easy DYI option .\r
How To Make Stem Tea ~ Baked Baking With Jane In this video I show you how to make great use of you cannabis stems by making stem tea! This tea is great .

“CBD is an incredible therapeutic medicine”
This is not a surprise anymore.

While the market is flooded with many CBD Oil brands, Delta Botanicals is unique and delivers high quality, organic CBD oils in 5 different amazing flavors.

As a wise buyer, you might be puzzled with some of these questions:

How do these oils work?

What are the different flavors available?

What distinguishes Delta Botanicals #CBDoils from other CBD oils?

Let’s discuss them in detail!

How does the Delta Botanicals CBD oil work?

CBD acts as an antagonist against the two main receptors of the endocannabinoid system—CB1 & CB2, thereby providing a wide range of therapeutic benefits without any psychoactive effects.

Delta botanicals CBD oil is taken sublingually and ingested. This involves placing a few drops of CBD oil under the tongue and getting the active ingredients absorbed through the mucous membranes.

But, when consumed via ingestion, it passes through the digestive system and gets metabolized by the liver before entering the bloodstream.

What makes #DeltaBotanicals CBD oils special?

Delta Botanicals is one of the premium manufacturers of CBD oils derived from industrial hemp. They ensure that every milligram of CBD is 100% pure, organic, GMO-free and contains zero THC.

These oils are extracted using a unique CO2 extraction method and come in five different flavors- Peppermint, Citrus, Mango, Pineapple and Vanilla.

So, if you love fun fruity flavors, this may be the oil for you. These bottles come in different sizes; these options are 150mg, 300mg, 600mg, 1000mg and 1250 mg of CBD.

In our opinion, these flavors taste great and much better than the regular CBD oil flavor. If you don’t like the taste of regular CBD oil we strongly suggest trying some of these unique delicious flavors.

If you are looking for a pure and an organic CBD product, this definitely should be on the top of your list of options.

We are proud to offer Delta Botanicals CBD oils at the Online Medical Card Store. We offer all flavors and sizes delivered conveniently to your home.

Purchase Delta Botanicals #CBD oils and other CBD and vaporizer products at

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Another Canadian marijuana giant is planning big moves in U.S. hemp through the acquisition of a Canadian health food company. Tilray announced this week it would buy Manitoba Harvest for about $318 million. Manitoba Harvest is perhaps best known for its hemp hearts and hemp oil, which the company sells online and in-store at more than 16,000 locations across North America. Its partners include major retailers, like Walmart, Costco, and Whole Foods.

The maker of the first cannabis optimized patch is teaming up with Canadian cannabis giant Aphria. Nial DeMena, CEO of Manna Molecular Science, discusses the patch and what comes next.

At Cannabis Oil for Cancer, we’re constantly adding to the collection of strains on our online platform. Our registered patients who opt in to receive e-mail newsletters will be notified as soon as new strains are available. They will be the first to know about new strains and their unique characteristics.

CBD oils are winding up from the media. You can look directly after these oils were acquainted with the online market. For your safety, better read information from here

Pour tout savoir sur le Cannabis Médical :

Ces deux religieuses fabriquent de l'huile avec des plantes de cannabis. Voilà de quoi se réconcilier avec la religion !

Un groupe de bonnes sœurs américaines formant la communauté Sisters of the Valley (Les Sœurs de la Vallée) cultivent du cannabis dans la localité de Merced, en Californie (Etats-Unis). Sur leur site internet, elles vendent ainsi que des sprays, des pommades, ou encore de l'huile de cannabis.

James Beard Award-winning chef and organic-food advocate Alice Waters famously stated, "Let things taste the way they are." As with food, a passion for purity helps produce the highest-quality cannabis, and Pure Vape-an industry leader in all-natural cannabis oil-lives up to its name with a pesticide- and solvent-free line of premium products. The Southern California-based company specializes in award-winning, lab-tested, strain-specific oil cartridges and wax made with state-of-the-art CO2 technology. The wax comes in tasty flavors like bourbon, strawberry, mint and blackberry, while the oils feature beloved strains like Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookie, King Kush and Jack Herer, among others. When made purely with the finest ingredients, cannabis oil can never taste better than just the way it is.

มิเคล่า ป่วยเป็นโรคมะเร็งเม็ดเลือดขาว
หมอรักษามะเร็ง บอกว่า เคมีบำบัด จะได้ผล
หมอรักษามะเร็ง บอกว่า
พ่อแม่ ไม่เอาด้วย แต่หาน้ำมันกัญชามาให้แทน
หลังได้กินน้ำมันกัญชา แค่ 6 วัน หนูก็ดีขึ้น
ผ่านไป 2 ปี หนูยังมีชีวิตอยู่
ขอบคุณ น้ำมันกัญชาที่ช่วยชีวิตหนู

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This video is a rivalry I want to encourage among hashmaticians between physics and chemistry. And yes, I just made up that word: Hashmaticians. I am Just ...


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