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Zak Normandin, CEO of Dirty Lemon, a beauty beverage brand, spoke with Cheddar about the misconceptions related to CBD oil.

Casinos on Native American land have poured billions into tribal economies since the late 1980s, lifting many people from poverty. Now, some hope, cultivating industrial hemp could do the same. Under U.S. law, hemp - which comes from the same family of plants that produce marijuana - can be grown only for research, with a permit from the U.S.

Discovering Ear Wax

A bill to let patients who suffer from a list of ailments obtain marijuana for therapeutic purposes is closer to becoming law after passing the Pennsylvania House of Representatives by a comfortable margin.

Watch these old men argue at the graveyard. Abe Simpson can be such a cuck at times.

Kathy Ireland, Chief Brand Strategist of Level Brands, spoke with Cheddar about her company's dive into the CBD market. Shares of cannabis companies have been soaring as momentum grows for wide marijuana legalization.

Why toke while you cook, when you can cook with cannabis? That's the question that inspired Joline Rivera to found Kitchen Toke, a foodie magazine about cooking with cannabis. "We saw [rapper] Action Bronson cooking ... getting high while he's cooking. And I thought to myself, 'you're getting high while you're cooking, why don't you just put the cannabis in the food?'" Rivera said.

Some previous superfoods that have dominated popular food culture include echinacea, coconut oil, and varies forms of nut based milks. A new class of high-powered superfoods is pushing the envelope even further, making even the healthiest foodies stop in their tracks. Astrologicallly farmed eggs have also become popular. Astro eggs are farmed in congruence with the phases of the moon.

'8 On Your Side' investigative reporter Susan Shapiro looked into it.

WYFF News 4 Investigates look into why parents of special needs children are pushing to legalize medical marijuana in South Carolina.

Cannabis is a wind pollinated plant and contains no floral nectar, a requirement for bees to create honey. Bees cannot pass cannabinoids into honey simply by landing on cannabis.

They needed a little help

By using a special formulated syrup, we were able to feed a single hive 20,000 milligrams of THC. With such a high level of THC the health of the hive was in question. An article written in 2001 assured us that bees would be unphased by THC because of a lack of CB receptors. All cannabinoids should, in theory, be passed thru the bees and into their honey.

Four hives were purchased and set up all at the same time. Our beekeeper was nervous the experiment would kill the hive, so the weakest and smallest one was selected. The test hive was fed our special syrup while the other three hives were fed a simple syrup.

Instead of hurting the hive just the opposite happened, the test hive flourished. It quickly became the strongest and largest. Its honey, wax, and brood production thrived and it was the first hive to fill its box. Frames were removed and added to the other hives to boost their production. The test hive was also the only hive to swarm and create a new queen, the natural way of reproduction for strong bee colonies

Both the resulting honey and the propolis were tested at Sequoia Analytical Labs in Sacramento Ca. The propolis contained 1.39% cannabinoids with half being THC and the other CBD. Just one ounce of honey contained 16.29 milligrams of THC, 2.92 milligrams of CBD and 3.12 milligrams of CBN, and it tastes amazing.

The Bees Successfully Infused their Honey with Cannabis Oil

Productivity Increased and the Cannabis had a Positive Impact on Hive Growth

Qu’est ce que le hash Rosin Tech?

Pour tout savoir sur le Cannabis Médical :

Une nouvelle technique de séparation des cannabinoïdes, n’utilisant aucun solvant, gagne de plus en plus d’adeptes dans le milieu du cannabis, aussi bien pour sa facilité et son faible coût de revient, que pour la qualité et la puissance du produit final obtenu. Nous parlons de la méthode Rosin Tech, qui permet d’obtenir un concentré de cannabis obtenu par séparation de la résine et de la matière végétal grâce à la chaleur et à la pression d’un simple fer à cheveux!

While California legalized the use of cannabis for humans, veterinarians are forbidden from prescibing the drug and have to be very careful about how they discuss it with pet owners.

It’s passed the state Senate – now a medical marijuana bill goes to the state House, where a tough fight is expected.

Pour tout savoir sur le Cannabis Médical :

ProjectCBD présente sa technique avancée d'extraction d'huile de cannabis en laboratoire, en utilisant du CO2 supercritique et de l'éthanol.

This is a must-watch video featuring some of the top researchers on the healing effects of Cannabis (Marijuana) in it's raw form, eaten or juiced.

10 Canadian Marijuana Stocks For Your Portfolio
Market Cap: $879 million
Aurora Cannabis (OTC: ACBFF) debuted on the Canadian venture stock exchange (TSX) in October 2016.
The 1-year return for the stock in the OTC market has been 173% as of October 11, 2017.
Market Cap: $253 million
This company’s portfolio includes dry cannabis and cannabis oil, along with accessories like vaporizers that can be purchased on its website.
Aphria (OTC: APHQF) produces dry cannabis as well as cannabis oil of varying qualities and strength.
Market Cap: $136 million
Emblem (OTC: EMMBF) is another newly-listed company on the Canadian exchange.
It has been around longer in the OTC market, returning 41% over a 1-year period as of October 11, 2017.

Beauty fans will try anything at least once.

Cannabinoids (such as THC, CBD, and CBN) are the active chemical compounds found in cannabis that give it its recreational and therapeutic effects. But what is it about CBD that makes it widely researched and used in managing and treating numerous diseases? Let’s take a closer look at this incredible compound.

What is CBD and How Does It Work in Our Bodies?

CBD can come from hemp plants as well as marijuana and, unlike THC, it is non-psychoactive. For better understanding of how CBD works, let’s talk a bit about the endocannabinoid system (ECS).
The ECS is a network of neurons responsible for maintaining homeostasis (balance) in our bodies and brains ultimately helping in numerous physiological processes such as pain sensation, sleep regulation, appetite, mood, and memory.

Our bodies produce natural cannabinoids similar to those found in cannabis, such as anandamide and 2-AG, and has two types of cannabinoid receptors: CB1 and CB2.

Some of the Benefits of CBD:

Pain Relief -

One of the most widespread uses of CBD is for pain management due to its proved efficiency and the minimal side effects compared to pharmaceuticals. Patients using CBD for chronic pain caused by diseases such as fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, migraines, back pain, and arthritis claim it has been life-changing.
CBD for controlling pain can be used topically in the form of creams and lotions or it can be ingested orally through sprays or tinctures.

Anxiety and Panic Relief -

Several recent studies have shown that CBD in low doses can reduce the symptoms of social anxiety and help patients with panic disorder as it works on certain parts of the brain, such as the amygdala and the prefrontal cortex, which trigger fear, panic, and anxiety.

Has Anti-seizure Properties -

In addition to a host of unwanted side effects, around 30% of Americans diagnosed with epilepsy do not respond to pharmaceutical drugs. CBD offers these patients a quick, effective alternative with little to no side effects since it contains anti-convulsive properties.

Treats Depression -

Since CBD restores the balance of the endocannabinoid system, it essentially regulates and improves mood. CBD activates neurotransmitters responsible for producing serotonin, regulates mood, sleep, and appetite which all contribute to the treatment of depression.

Although, you can buy CBD from any store. But, with MMJ card you save on taxes as Sales and Use Tax is exempted for MMJ card users. MMJ card can be obtained online from Online Medical Card, which is an online platform where you can get a speedy medical recommendation by a licensed cannabis doctor without any hassle.

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Keep your lips moisturized and get stoned at the same time. On this episode of Cannabis Self Care, Erica teaches you how to make a lip balm that gets you high.

The mother of a 12-year-old boy with epilepsy has spoken to the media after he was rushed to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital on Friday night in a critical condition having suffered multiple seizures. Charlotte Caldwell had cannabis oil used to treat son Billy's condition seized at Heathrow Airport last week. However, Home Secretary Sajid Javid granted a 20-day emergency licence granting use of the oil after Billy was admitted to hospital on Friday night Report by Jonesia. Like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at

Cannabis was made illegal in the UK in 1928, but the reasons for the ban might surprise you. Now the case of Billy Caldwell has restarted the debate Report by Dessentjacksonl. Like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at

Canada is the second country to legalize cannabis nationwide. Will Marijuana be legal nationwide in USA? You don't have to worry about. In this video we have find some opinion from USA people for CBD oil and their benefits. Stay tuned to C Life Radio and enjoy the cannabis live show.

Rylie Maedler, 13, takes cannabis oil once in the morning, during lunch, at dinner and before bed. The Delaware teen has been taking it since she was 7 after being diagnosed with aggressive giant cell granuloma, a rare type of tumor. Rylie's now made it her mission to help other sick kids get the medicine they need. She's already helped pass three laws in her home state.'s Leigh Scheps ( has more.