Environmentally Friendly Wedding Invitations

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nuptialstv.com We've been talking about hot trends in wedding invitations, and with increasing fears about global warming, habitat destruction, and dwindling natural resource supplies, more and more betrothed couples are thinking green when planning their weddings, starting with their invitations. One easy way to start thinking green is to choose invitations made from recycled paper. Don't groan... you can still find plenty of gorgeous recycled papers that will not diminish the elegance of your invite materials. Using recycled paper can save trees, water, and oil, while cutting down on pollutants... plus your guests will love your for being nice to mother nature. You can find some surprisingly beautiful invitations at WomenCraft.Net, where 100 percent recycled invitations are crafted by women trying to work out of homelessness and other difficulties. And if you really don't like recycled paper, you can always go with invitations printed on an alternate fiber, like bamboo, or for the hippies out there, hemp. And try and cut down on the paper clutter in your invite materials... print all your info on one card instead of multiple cards, or direct your guests to a wedding website that will answer....

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