Fact – Hemp Oil Cures Cancer

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PhoenixTears.ca to see how to cure yourself. Cancer is a "FUNGUS". Make no mistake about it the "Cancer Fungus" Dies off in an "Alkaline" Environment. If you have cancer the "You have given your cancer an Acidic Environment". You Need to Alkaline your inner environment your cancer is growing. You'll Need pH strips and another kind test pH kit. You will then have two different test that spells it out for you. You're acidic and you'll want to change this via the "Alkaline Protocol"; sometimes referred to as the "Baking soda Protocol" / "Baking soda Molasses Protocol"
-week 1 you place 1 teaspoon Baking Soda & 1 teaspoon of Black Strap Molasses into a short glass of distilled water -mx it up & drink. week 2 double the dose week 3 triple the dose. by the 3rd week your alkalinity will cause the fungus to die off completely. side effects are managed with potassium (www.Phkillscancer.com). Your shit will turn yellow, you may get faint when standing up quick. you will have to study up on this before anything. You cant afford to be week pc of lazy sheep. You're not alone.


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