First Industrial Hemp Crop in 60 Years Planted

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The first industrial hemp crop in 60 years is planted.

One Springfield, Colorado farmer’s latest crop planting is getting a lot of attention.

He’s planting hemp on a 60-acre expanse of land, an act that recently became legal in the state, but remains a federal crime.

The farmer and his business partner are also going to install a seed press for the production of hemp oil.

Hemp, a genetic relative of marijuana, is used to make a wide range of products including food, cosmetics, and clothing.

The plant was originally gown in Central Asia thousands of years ago. Its fibers were used to make some of the first textiles and remained a popular option until the mid 19th century.

It was popular in the United States for the making of sailcloth and rope, but eventually lost its preferred position to synthetics and new manufacturing technologies.

Laws forbidding the planting of all cannabis plants were enacted in the 1950s. However, it is legal to consume, sell, or manufacture hemp products if they don’t contain THC, the Hallucinogenic element in marijuana that causes high.

It’s estimated that 40.5 million dollars worth of hemp products were sold in the US in 2010.

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