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Bikram Yoga – YOGABODY’s Lucas Rockwood explains how to pick and consume healthy oils.


Best sources for healthy fats for yogis:
- olives
- avocados
- raw nuts and seeds
- durian
- cold-press oils in dark bottles

“Buying good oil is like buying good wine!”
- oil should be stored in a DARK bottle
- all polyunsaturated fats MUST be in the refrigerator at all times (including flax oil, sesame oil, hemp seed oil, sunflower, and safflower)
- 90% of oils on the grocery store shelves ARE polyunsaturated and SHOULD NOT be consumed (they are rancid)
- animal fats (butter, cream, meat) has proven to be very dangerous to your health, particularly your heart
- vegetable fats (ONLY when cold-pressed and properly cared for) are extremely healthy and contain no cholesterol

Bikram Yoga
“May this food heal and nourish my body!”

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Bikram Yoga

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