Herbert Nehrlich – Troubled World

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Rumours have it that they aim
to control the power game.
Conquer all and take the gold
through extremely quick and bold
strikes into the heart of man,
while talking of the aimed for ban
of weapons to subdue and maim,
they have no shame, they have no shame.

Who is at fault here you may ask,
but finding out - a useless task,
what's clear beyond the slightest doubt
is that old George and Tony shout
to the soldiers in the trenches
and the geezers on park benches:
'Let's defend our liberty,
enslaving others makes us free.
Our presence on all foreign soil
is to protect from thieves their oil.'

And intellectual deduction
finds weaponry of mass destruction,
which needs to be, unless deployed,
by righteous people now destroyed.
But suicide bombers don't make sense,
they help install on their own friends
explosives to blow up and kill,
(an oxymoron if you will) ,
since they assume that Allah's love
shines down on them from up above,
that they'll be welcomed by his side
upon arrival from their ride.

I do remember on that Sunday
when they displayed Crocodile Dundee
at Movie House Jerusalem.
Two figures came, blew all of them
into the sky, so full of sun.
All that was left - a blameless gun.

Will those of you who find the answer,
the cure for this expanding cancer,
speak up but not with hollow words?
The time will come when singing birds
will once again be what we cherish.
If man does nothing, man will perish.

Herbert Nehrlich


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