How To: Sexy Glowing Skin

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Hi! Here are my best tips for achieving a sexy epidermis. This is a video on the steps I take to achieve glowing and youthful skin! Let me know if you found this useful or aim to try any of the methods I use!

1. I use cold-pressed, nutrient dense avocado oil on my face before bed. I love it for the natural vitamin C, E and moisturizing fatty acids. It is easily absorbed by my skin and feels amazing every single time! The sterolins in avocado oil are said to be good for age spots, sun spots and there are even claims that they stimulate collagen production.
2. I often make carrot + avocado creamy masks for my skin
3. I snack on goji berries, cashews, hemp seeds and pumpkin seeds. Hemp seeds are actually almost a complete protein. I also like raw crushed garlic.
4. I also do an oil cleanse
5. I use a highlight with any white, shimmery dusting colour

Don't give up on eating clean, and remember finding your perfect routine will take trial, error and patience, but learning what your body thrives off of the most is information you can benefit from for life! Love you guys.

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