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Hemp Gru - Moja Dzielnica feat. Cormega

There is a theoretical basis for postulating that perhaps hemp oil might be able to help or cure basal cell carcinoma, given that cannabis oil is able to do ...

Tomas Harner describes his personal experience with the effects of the Rick Simpson oil on his back injury (broken tail bone) from a skiing accident. Within ...

Ian Jacklin and Joni Abbott sharing the latest info about curing cancer with cannabis oil at the 2014 Hungry 4 Health Organic Festival. Part 1 https://www.yo...

Originally posted by urbangrower on December 1st, 2009. Canadian Rick Simpson has been persecuted by the RCMP, and...

Crohnsboy speaks about his experience using hemp oil.

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Cosmic Blueprints With Tony Z & Co-host Kate Of Gaia on Critical Mass Radio recorded on March 31, 2013 Guests: Rick Simpson, & Louis Hemp Oil, The Cure For C...

A mother and son discover the healing power of hemp oil on a third-degree burn. UPDATE: Concluded...

Este video es educativo, para uso personal y no recomendamos ninguna acción, tenemos la prohibición por ley de decir que esto cura o podría curar una enferme...

How I make cannabis oil and more. Hemp oil healing testimonies. Real people with rea...


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The Canadian Awareness Network and Grasshopper Media catch up with Rick Simpson in Brantford Ontario to speak with him about his new book and of course canna...

Marijuana Recipes to keep you HAPPY and HEALTHY! Please LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE if you LOVE eating your Ganja for overall better health Here is a super fas...

PANACEA 4 ALL DISEASES - Cannabis Oil a solution or remedy for all Diseases @ Home Making My Own Cannabis Oil..!!!! HEAL URSELF & FAMILIES MEMBERS @ HOME Hal...

This week Mike Cannon covers Foria, a weed infused oil that gives chicks 15 minute, head spinning orgasms. Cannon also covers the guys who got busted for weed in Oklahoma and charged with LIFE IN PRISON. This week in Toker Tech, Mike reviews Plush Edibles. The video of the week is called THINGS NOT TO DO WHEN YOU SMOKE WEED by kushnwaxconnection. Follow Mike Cannon @IamMikeCannon on Twitter.

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El Gobierno uruguayo ha decidido legalizar el comercio y consumo de la marihuana. Quienes apoyan la medida argumentan que esta es la mejor manera de combatir su venta clandestina además de identificar a los adictos a su consumo. Quienes se oponen argumentan que se está legalizando el tráfico de drogas.

A pesar de que la medida ha sido aprobada, el debate sobre su validez sigue en la sociedad uruguaya.

Convaincre 350 jeunes du Centre de Formation des Apprentis de St-Germain-Laval et de Meaux de ne pas boire ou fumer un joint avant de conduire. Un défi choc qui a eu lieu ce mardi, lors d'une journée sécurité routière organisée par la MAAF.

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