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DFW NORML executive director Shaun McAlister discusses the benefits of hemp oil and how easy it is to obtain legally in Texas, despite the current prohibitio...

Original video: This is Michael Cutler's story on how he beat liver cancer with can...

What The Feds Don't Want You To Know About Medical Cannabis This is legal in ALL 50 States! Rick Simpson from Phoenix Tears talked about how he reversed his own skin can...

Rumours have it that they aim
to control the power game.
Conquer all and take the gold
through extremely quick and bold
strikes into the heart of man,
while talking of the aimed for ban
of weapons to subdue and maim,
they have no shame, they have no shame.

Who is at fault here you may ask,
but finding out - a useless task,
what's clear beyond the slightest doubt
is that old George and Tony shout
to the soldiers in the trenches
and the geezers on park benches:
'Let's defend our liberty,
enslaving others makes us free.
Our presence on all foreign soil
is to protect from thieves their oil.'

And intellectual deduction
finds weaponry of mass destruction,
which needs to be, unless deployed,
by righteous people now destroyed.
But suicide bombers don't make sense,
they help install on their own friends
explosives to blow up and kill,
(an oxymoron if you will) ,
since they assume that Allah's love
shines down on them from up above,
that they'll be welcomed by his side
upon arrival from their ride.

I do remember on that Sunday
when they displayed Crocodile Dundee
at Movie House Jerusalem.
Two figures came, blew all of them
into the sky, so full of sun.
All that was left - a blameless gun.

Will those of you who find the answer,
the cure for this expanding cancer,
speak up but not with hollow words?
The time will come when singing birds
will once again be what we cherish.
If man does nothing, man will perish.

Herbert Nehrlich

What is it, buddy that your cancer needs
is it the sugar or MacDonald's fries
it is well known by now that every tumour feeds
like a humongous glutton in a shop of pies.

A lady named Johanna was the first who found
that quark and oil of flax could be the cure
no scientists would ever find this hogwash sound
as they believe in chemo, poisonous and pure.

So take your pick and jump into the fray
submerse yourself in lack of certainty
and when they come to take you, stiff, away
the only thing you've gained is liberty.

Written For SOCALGAL

Herbert Nehrlich

If Cancer’s on the rise without much cure;
Then blame the air, food, water-pollutant;
The dismal scenario, we must endure;
What steps have we taken to curb but chant?

Our genes are changing fast, yet man's the cause;
We spill the oil and dump nuclear wastes;
New carcinogens then become our boss;
Man keeps changing most things including tastes;

Why blame the earth, our fate and God and Stars?
'Tis men who had put Nature in shackles;
And things get worse by man-made ugly wars;
Man must not change environs, he tackles.
Let better sense prevail inhuman minds;
All man-made dirt can't be hidden 'hind blinds.

Dr John Celes

Medical Cannabis In Australia For Curing Cancer And Other Chronic Diseases.

I recently had the privilege of extracting some cannabis essential oils with an Eden Labs 22 Liter round bottom flask with a prototype steam extraction cap. ...

Original Video from ( UPDATE FOR Joe Crowe 2013. 1 year cancer free after using cannbais oil. Dear CureYourOwnCanc...

What does the passage of more laws to decriminalise marijuana mean for the United States?
Activist Valencia Mohammed describes the fight she is willing to undertake to legalize marijuana in the District of Columbia.

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Chi produce la droga che alcuni giornalmente consumano? E quanta ne viene consumata in Europa o negli Stati Uniti?
Numbers, la rubrica di Bonsai TV che analizza i numeri più sconvolgenti del mondo in cui viviamo.

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Cannabis, colloquially known as marijuana and by numerous other names, is probably the most common but at the same time most controversial soft drug. While the opponents often argue against marijuana by stating it is the so called “gateway drug” which increases the probability of trying harder, more dangerous drugs, defenders point out its healing properties and claim it is not as habit-forming as people generally think. Whatever your attitude to this phenomenon is, check out these 25 facts about cannabis you might have not known.

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C.O.C.K cannabis oil cancer kills The cult of cock is a group made up from men and women with balls to do something, working together to bring change, to be ...

In this powerful interview WeAreChange meets Renee Petro who has been on a quest to “free the plant” so her son Branden can medicate with Cannabis without fear of prosecution. Since becoming an advocate of medicinal marijuana Renee has become a target of Child Protective Services who threatens her family’s well being with an ongoing investigation. WeAreChange gets a first hand look of the struggles of a mother who only wants the best for her son suffering with a severe form epilepsy but is threatened by a government who is in bed with Big Pharma. Support #BrandentheBrave and many others like him by voting to legalize and end the war on marijuana.

I discovered this hemp company from Ste, Agathe, Manitoba Canada that sells there products from a separate strain of cannabis sativa plants known as hemp tha...

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