Raw Cacao Smoothie Ideas

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Raw Chocolate
Here are just a few ideas for using your Raw Cacao Powder. You can...
Add it to your favorite smoothies-elixir (one heaping tablespoon will do) and watch them instantly become Raw Chocolate masterpieces!
You can blend it with Virgin Coconut Oil and Agave — for instant Raw Chocolate Syrup! (Then put this on top of raw ice cream or fresh fruit —AMAZING!)
You can blend it in a food processor with raw nut butters and agave nectar, for the most delicious dessert you've ever had.
You can make any cookie, brownie or pie INSTANTLY more chocolaty and delicious — just add a level tablespoon or more to taste.
You can blend it with almond milk or hemp milk. This gives you a creamy dark chocolate milk that's LOADED with antioxidant power and tastes out of this world!
Blend some cacao powder directly into your favorite herbal tea and make your tea into an alchemical warm chocolate beverage!
And so much more!
In fact, this product is my secret weapon in my smoothie-elixir-best drink ever recipes. Because it's so easy to use and the Antioxidants can really help fight off the jet stress I get when I fly — I would never travel without it again!
Not only that — for the price — you'll find it to be one of the absolute best values on the market. Here's why:
Figure the Price Against Other Top-Antioxidant Foods One Cacao Powder delivers 433,570 ORAC Antioxidant units. To get that same amount of ORAC units from other foods, you'd have to buy:
* 80 — 6 oz baskets of Organic Blueberries, which would cost you at least $320 and as much as $560!

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