Run From the Cure 2 TRAILER: By Christian Laurette (SEE MORE at

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Run from the Cure: The Rick Simpson Story- A film by Christian Laurette changed the world when it was released in 2008. The film shows how Rick Simpson revived the cannabis oil medicine to use as a cure for cancer. It was groundbreaking because there was nothing else like it. Run from the Cure has been viewed millions of times by people all over the world and translated into multiple languages. \r
Fast forward 5 years and Christian feels its finally time for Run from the Cure 2. His new documentary again will be available for FREE and will feature some great activists such as Rick Simpson (current figurehead of the global cannabis movement), Lincoln Horsley, Corrie Yelland, David Triplett, Shona Banda. This time around though, Christian has decided to feature medical professionals as well. This will bring to light the science behind cannabis and cancer. Some of the medical professionals will include Janet Sweeney PhD., Dr. Bob Melamede PhD. and Dennis Hill a bio chemist.


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