Two Chefs Ep03 Samgyetang and Dak-galbi 삼계탕과 닭갈비

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Recipes for some of the world’s favorite traditional Korean food.
In the 3rd episode, chicken is our main theme.
We introduce to a healthy Korean dish,
samgyetang, and spicy dak-galbi filled with vegetables.
And don't you forget the ever-uneasy daily mission between the two chefs.
In our third episode, samgyetang and dak-galbi team up to test your taste buds.

1) Samgyetan
1. Boil medicinal herbs in 4L of water for about an hour over medium heat,then use a hemp cloth to filter the broth.
2. Remove the organs and fat from the Cornish hen, then rinse.
3. Soak the cleaned glutinous rice in water for more than 3 hours,then drain the water using a sieve.
4. Remove the head of the fresh ginseng and clean it with a soft brush.
5. Use a hemp cloth to filter out the herbs that have been boiled for an hour and other ingredients.
6. Stuff the Cornish hen in order of glutinous rice, fresh ginseng, garlic, jujube and peeled chestnuts.
7. Cross the legs so the stuffing stays in.
8. Pour the herbal broth in the pot and boil over high heat for about 30 minutes, then another 30 minutes over medium heat.
9. Green and red peppers should be seedless and sliced slantwise.
10. Once the broth looks cloudy, switch it to low heat and boil thoroughly for about 20 minutes before turning it off.

2) Dak-galbi
1. Slice up the chicken 3cm thick and 5cm long then lightly pound them.
2. Soak the meat in cold water for about 10 minutes, then rinse and drain using a basket.
3. Marinate the meat in a cup of clear refined rice wine and a cup of ginger concentrate for about 20 minutes to eliminate odor.
4. Rinse and drain in running water using a basket.
5. Cut the onion in half and slice it to be 1cm thick.
6. Sesame leaves should be sliced twice, into 4cm pieces.
7. Sweet potatoes should be sliced 1cm wide and 5cm long.
8. Green onions should be sliced slantwise 1cm wide and 5cm long.
9. Green and red peppers should be seedless and sliced slantwise.
10. 3Ts red pepper powder, 3Ts gochujang (red chili paste), 3Ts aged soy sauce, 2Ts clear refined rice wine, 2Ts starch syrup, 2Ts onion concentrate, 2Ts minced garlic, 3Ts ginger concentrate, 3Ts apple concentrate, 1Ts sesame oil, 1Ts sesame, 1/2ts ground pepper for your seasoning.
11. Mix the prepped chicken with the seasoning and marinate it for about 2 hours.
12. Pan-fry the seasoned chicken in a heated pan with some cooking oil.
13. Fry the chicken over high-heat for about 5 minutes, then add vegetables.

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